Marjorie Cook


Eyedeal Graphics Team - Marjorie Cook

Marjorie joined the Eyedeal Graphics group in 2005. Having managed the business for many years, she is really enjoying her new role in Business Development where she helps meet the client’s needs by developing their brand and marketing strategies through the use of electronic and printed graphic design. One of the joys of a small office is that there is always something to do. She enjoys collaborating with the design and production staff on projects and seeing the look on a client’s face when we have delivered more than they could have imagined. “This would not be possible without the collaborative nature and team approach employed at Eyedeal Graphics.” She is grateful for the opportunities and flexibility given to her in her role at Eyedeal. “Their commitment to personal and professional development create a great team of people that I am honored to work with.”

She is a board member for the Medina County Women’s Endowment fund.  Her passion for children and families led to her involvement in parent mentoring at Akron Children’s Hospital. Her advocacy for family driven services with a focus on resiliency is fueled by the successes and struggles that she has encountered personally. She hopes that one day all children will have what they need to be successful at school, at home and in the community.

She is an avid reader, loves cooking, traveling and spending time with her adult son, Alex. She is always looking for opportunities to use her gift of acts of service.

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